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La Plaine de Théüs
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Domaine Allemand

If you enjoy new discoveries, and unearthing singular wines, then you’ll love our Domaine!

In a region that is still relatively unknown for its wines, though sought after by those in the know, we have saved a local grape variety that you won’t find anywhere else: Mollard.

The name might seem strange to you but here Mollard means “little mountain”, or “little mound”! This red grape with its fine spicy notes is emblematic of the Hautes-Alpes, and you will find it in several of our wines.

We are proud of having fought to re-establish this grape, and we look forward to introducing you to it at the Domaine !

Our History

Founded in 1954

Domaine Allemand is the oldest wine estate in the Hautes-Alpes. It was founded in 1954 by Louis Allemand after he discovered his vocation whilst on military service in Champagne.

From the very beginning the Domaine focussed on the quality of its production (small volumes, hand picking, parcel selections). In the nineties Marc Allemand embarked on a project to save the Mollard grape, a local variety which was in danger of disappearing.

Today the 11 hectares cultivated by the Domaine stretch out principally below the little village of Théüs, a historic terroir particularly well suited to vine growing. Reds, rosés, whites but also sparkling wines, wine preserves and liqueurs offer a wide range of epicurean pleasures.

The wines from the Domaine regularly obtain awards and medals in national wine competitions, and are selected each year by the Hachette Wine Guide.

Marc Allemand

A family affair

As a lover of old varieties and singular wines, I have long fought to preserve the diversity of aromas and pleasures, and against the standardisation and uniformization of taste.

In France only a dozen or so grape varieties are used to produce 80% of the wines, and yet thousands of others exist! Around twenty years ago I resolved to rehabilitate one of them. And it was quite naturally the traditional grape of our region, Mollard, that I chose to save, with the help of the French Vine Institute.

Today, my daughter Laetitia works alongside me to pursue the adventure. More and more people, in search of new experiences, authenticity and originality, encourage and support us in what we do.

I hope that you too will soon be enamoured with Mollard !  

Contact Information

Domaine Allemand
La Plaine de Théüs
05 190 Théüs
Tél : 04 92 54 40 20

Ouvert tous les jours de de 9h à 12h et de 14h à 18h (sauf dimanche et jours fériés)