Motivated by Passion

The winemakers of the Hautes Alpes

It took toil and tenacity … in the Hautes-Alpes it has been a long battle to develop a viticulture that is dynamic, respectful of the environment – a third of the vineyards are organic – and that enhances the image of our mountain territory.

These winemakers fought for the recognition of the specific characteristics of their terroir and the quality of their wines. Today their efforts have been recompensed by having gained “Indication Géographique Protégée Hautes-Alpes” status, and the numerous accolades that they receive.
More and more consumers, in search of new experiences and authenticity, are eager to find out more about our wines and discover the veritable gems that our magnificent department has to offer.

Marc Allemand
President of the Union of Winemakers of the Hautes-Alpes

The winemakers of the Hautes-Alpes have won the struggle for the diversity of aromas and pleasures and against the standardisation of taste!

Cave des Hautes Vignes

Domaine Allemand

Domaine de la Clochère

Domaine Joffrey Martin

Domaine du Petit Août

Domaine de Saint-André

Domaine CH Tavernier

Domaine de Tresbaudon